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Our company is a full-service marketing research consultancy, dedicated to the healthcare industry.

We provide a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research services to support products and strategy throughout the product lifecycle.

Our experts help you answer the fundamental questions of marketing.

How can you build market share?

What makes a customer buy or not buy?

What should you prioritise to better meet customer needs?

The most innovative companies are adapting to the daily realities by making the most of data already at their disposal.

The result?

Smarter, more strategic decisions.

We're helping healthcare providers develop smarter decisions, produce better outcomes in a shorter period of time and validate a product's real-world performance.

We understand that today’s world is dominated by pressure in terms of budgets, time, competition. In this context, every marketer needs clear and actionable research results. Using a combination of healthcare and research expertise, technical and commercial understanding, we provide insight and strategic direction to help you grow, be more profitable and more competitive.

We also believe that in times of sensitive economical situation and legislative quicksand, one of the most important decision factors is receiving the best value for your money.

Our promise to you is to deliver excellent quality at the best prices – all based on our experience in the Romanian healthcare industry.


After years of working at the top of multinational healthcare research, several professionals decided to use their knowledge to provide insight, in a passionate and daring way.

Our experts provide specialised market research, market insight and consultancy, identifying values and choice drivers for forecasting and modelling market and customer behaviour using leading research techniques and applied business knowledge.

We combine analytical rigor and robust statistics to deliver the optimum solutions for our clients. In addition, individual attention to the satisfaction of each client allows us to deliver a world-class product with a tailored approach.

Mission & Values

Misiunea noastra nu se incheie odata cu prezentarea rezultatelor. Stim ca cercetarea combinata, experienta comerciala si intelegerea pietei farmaceutice produc rezultate utile si durabile atunci cand sunt folosite impreuna – de aceea oferim consultanta integrata, care sta la baza deciziilor strategice de marketing si de business.

Atentie la detalii

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Our healthcare expertise covers all targets – doctors, pharmacists, patients. We are familiar with over 20 medical specialties and have covered a wide range of therapeutic areas, such as: cardiology, psichatry, neurology, infectious diseases, diabetology, dermatology, gastroenterology, hormonal treatment, oncology, hematology, ophthalmology, osteoporosis, vaccines, medical devices etc.