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Areas of research

Critical to your success is gaining perspective that is truly grounded in the realities of our industry and marketplace. At Market Insight we apply a wide lens to your research challenges, build on our healthcare experience and expertise to help you chart a clear pathway to real, implementable answers to your key business questions.

Whether your question concerns exploratory, descriptive or causal research, you can be sure that we cover the key areas of the market and your product life cycle:

  • Know your competitors: company perceptions & positioning, investigating new markets
  • Know your target: doctors and patients segmentation
  • Know your channel effectiveness: investigating new sales channels, evaluating the effectiveness of your own communication campaigns
  • Know your brand: statistical analyses for clinic trials, brand perceptions & positioning, pricing, performance measurement, drivers & usage

These are only some of the most common research topics that we cover. If your question is more specific, our experts can provide a fully-customised research design.


If you need to know how many people in your target group think or act in a certain way and your main concern is to ensure that results are applicable for the entire group, then quantitative research is your solution. Do not forget that subjective aspects, such as attitudes or opinions, can also be investigated in a quantitative project!

If you want to go deeper into conscious and subconscious motivations behind people’s attitudes, opinions and choices, then qualitative research can provide you with proper answers.

However, qualitative techniques are applied on few respondents and you will need quantitative research to check to which extent the conclusions can be projected for your entire target group

Types of research


  • descriptive statistics, exploratory data representations and inference;
  • bivariate analysis: correlations and associations, hypotheses testing (e.g. comparisons between sub-samples such as medical specialties, comparisons between time series such as project waves);
  • multidimensional analysis: regression, classification (e.g. cluster analysis), factor identification (e.g. ANOVA), data reduction techniques (e.g. principal components analysis, correspondence analysis), design of experiments;

+ marketing-specific indicators such as net promoter scores, TURF analysis, conjoint analysis, drivers identification and weighted evaluations of brands, pricing techniques (van Westendorp, Gabor-Granger). We are constantly in touch with new developments and approaches.


  • projection techniques
  • associative techniques



  • Telephone interviews
  • Face-to-Face interviews
  • Online interviews


  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth interviews
  • Interactive workshops